Among Flowers in Bloom

 Courtesy of Shea Kluender and Julie Rothschild

“Among Flowers in Bloom” is an interdisciplinary presentation which will take place on March 31st at 10:00 am and April 3rd at 7:30 pm at the House of Serein.  The concept of the performance was ideated by the multidisciplinary artist Belgin Yucelen and was developed in the frame of an attempt to encourage walking lightly on earth. 

The presentation will consist of installation art, and a dance performance. The installation will include 500 transparent silk flowers in the form of a narrow path which will appear to be rising at one end to suggest disappearance and impermanence. The dance will be performed by the choreographer and dance artist Julie Rothschild. 

The repeating of the flowers will dematerialize and deemphasize the flower itself similar to the repetitive patterns in a mosque. The extension into the space-time of the environment will encourage an interaction with the visitors through personalization. While the lightness of the silk suggests fragility, the concept of walking lightly on earth will be reemphasized by Julie who will move around and within the art installation, responding to the artwork’s narrative and the space around it.

This collaboration is the result of an ‘integrated process’ during when Julie and Belgin step into the other’s area of expertise providing input for each other creating new vocabularies.


Salon for Creatives (Boulder)

“Salon for Creatives (Boulder) “! These will be informal gatherings where we will share stories and ideas on creativity. We welcome all creatives with a curiosity and openness to the insights of others. Our initial meeting will be in January, 2020, date to be announced.

Christmas Art Sale

The artists of the House of Serein, Cindi Yaklich, Elizabeth Groth and Belgin Yucelen are having a “CHRISTMAS ART SALE” on December 15th from 12:00 to 4:00. This will be a great opportunity to meet the artists and see their studios! House of Serein is a recently founded arts community space where artists, writers, poets, and other passionate people are to exchange ideas and build connections. On display will be oil paintings, prints, greeting cards and other works of art that would make wonderful last minute Christmas gifts!