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At the beginning of September during a Salon for Creatives meeting, we, the six artists practicing at the House of Serein, contemplated how we can further improve the dialogue between ourselves, fellow creatives, and the local community and also make art exciting and available for everyone. As a result of these conversations, we founded the “Yellow House”!

“Yellow House” is an arts initiative co-founded and produced by the artists practicing out of the House of Serein in Boulder, CO. The main function of Yellow House is to start and sustain a dialogue between ourselves and fellow creatives through poetry, sculpture, performance, filmmaking, architecture, and beyond. We will be creating quarterly exhibitions that might question the status quo or simply depict  our surroundings. We will also invite the community members and other creatives in the projects. These exhibits will be displayed at the House of Serein as well as on this page. 

Who Are We?

Carly likes cherishing the small moments in life- a warm cup of tea, a walk in the woods and the smell of rain. 
Cindi likes, furry animals, wild or domestic, spending time outside, the ability to move in nature, chocolate and wine.
Elizabeth likes the smell of creosote, dancing at concerts, trivia nights, and singing loudly in the car.
Belgin likes alpine meadows, tea with darkest chocolate, sounds of the crickets and the returning geese.
Kate likes dreams, cloud shadows, and the feeling of the air after it rains.
Sam likes meditating, backpacking in the wilderness, and being barefoot as much as possible.